This weekend my husband took our children away for a walking weekend in Yorkshire. I would normally be there too with my boots and a packed lunch. Not this weekend though. I got TWO NIGHTS ALONE. Yippee!

So on Friday I hopped on a train to Brighton and met up with an old mate of mine. We dined and slept and gossiped for England. Being girlies, it was important that we indulged in a beauty treatment so I chose a facial and a manicure (the manicure was a first for me). Now the facial was undeniably gorgeous but even more special was opening my eyes and seeing my pretty pink finger nails. Not only that but I was looking at my lovely wart free hands.

A year ago I noticed a little wart bedding itself in on the knuckle of my middle finger. With regular bashing and unrelenting domestic / mummy duties it quickly grew and spread to another site on my hand. The GP had a go at cryotherapy but I just grew two more.

Meanwhile Jennifer Clayton was welcoming the arrival of her new baby; the LARGE AND LOVELY LASER equipment. She explained how she could use the LASER to kill off the thriving warts. I decided to risk it.

It took us several treatments but sure enough that old wart gradually died away, and with it, the others leaving no scarring just hands ready for manicure! At each session Jennifer ensured I would be able to cope with the LASER by taking a range of steps to numb the area. This meant she could work accurately with likelihood that I would leap off the bed! She rigorously enforced safety procedures and fully explained all aspects of the treatment, answering any questions of mine. I also liked the way Jennifer carefully dressed the site of treatment and when necessary encouraged me to return to get the dressing checked. At all times I felt medically safe and comfortable and I admire Jennifers knowledge and professionalism.

So on behalf of my wart free hands and pretty pink nails, thank you Jennifer for your great work.