I damaged my thumbnail some time ago and I think some water then got underneath it and my problems started. The nail was coming away from the thumb and no matter how I much I left it to grow it wouldn’t re-attach and was getting worse. I tried all sorts of over the counter products, but didn’t really know what I was supposed to be doing and it never got any better. It also hurt and I was worried that any pressure on it would make it worse. After about a year of struggling with it I started to look up podiatrists on the internet in case they would treat fingernails too.

As soon as I met Jennifer I felt in safe hands. She told me that a fungus had got under the nail and I had laser treatment which was completely pain free. The result is fantastic and I now have a normal growing nail. I can’t thank Jennifer and her lovely friendly team enough.

NOTE from Jennifer. Nails are always sampled prior to treatment to test for positive fungal growth.