Thickened, brittle, yellow or discoured toenails?

You may have a fungal infection otherwise known as onychomycosis.

The Podiatry & Laser Clinic in West Byfleet is one of only a few podiatry clinics in the whole of the UK offering the latest in state of the art technology for treating and eradicating fungally infected nails. Our clinic uses some of the most advanced laser systems in the world. Simple, non-invasive, painless and no side effects.


This is a clinically proven and innovative new concept which has been developed using controlled micro-penetration. This creates micro pathways in the nail plate allowing deeper access to the areas of infection without damaging the nail bed beneath. Each of the tiny holes can be drilled in less than five seconds. Daily treatment can then be applied leading to clearing of the infection and healthy-looking nails in a relatively short space of time.

Laser treatment for Warts/Verrucae.

Laser treatment for Warts/Verrucae can be a fast and effective way to kill the virus that causes the Wart/Verrucae.

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