Biomechanical assessment and Gait analysis

Podiatrists specialise in the care of the foot and ankle. Whether it is a minor or major problem, see a Podiatrist in regard to any foot or ankle problem.

We also offer 3D scanning of feet for prescription orthotics.

What is a biomechanical assessment & gait analysis?

It’s an extremely important service that a Podiatrist can provide.

Bunions, Heel spurs,  Sprained ankles, EILP (Exercise Induced Leg Pain),  Arthritic knees, Sore hips, Lower back pain, Knee pain ……………………. and the list goes on. Understanding how a body moves and identifying how and why pain is happening a podiatrist can provide help from tailored exercise, strengthening or stretching programs to fully bespoke orthotics that can reduce faulty foot function thereby helping the rest of the skeleton move in a more balanced way.

We use off the shelf high quality insoles for many of our patients but also plaster of Paris cast for prescription orthotics especially with more complex cases that require a more specialised form of support.

What does that mean?

This might help with the understanding of how problems in the kinetic chain can manifest.

Our feet are the foundations of our body. If they do not function or move properly, then they lead to other problems such as joint pain, toe deformities, heel pain, sprained ankles, knee pain, metatarsalgia and neuroma.

A biomechanical assessment involves assessing and measuring different motions of the feet, ankles, legs, knees, hips and lower back to determine whether it functions and moves correctly within normal ranges of motion.

Gait analysis involves assessing these movements while walking. This often involves walking/running on a treadmill or gait walk and videoing the mechanics to enable the slowing down of the movements to view them more clearly.