Biomechanical Assessment and Plaster of Paris Casting£200
Biomechanical Assessment Only£140
Clearanail Only£250
Cryo Treatment£55 Liquid Nitrogen (Cryo)
Laser Treatment for Fungally Infected toenails or fingernails£650 For Both Feet
£450 For One Foot
4 laser treatments one week apart with a follow up boost appointment one month later
Laser Treatment for Verrucae/Warts£100 First Treatment: Additional Treatment £65 Local Anaesthesia an additional £20
Nail Surgery under
Local Anaesthetic, From
£400 For One Side (extra sides £40 each) inclusive of all follow up dressing appointments
New Patient Consultation£60 Mon - Fri
£65 Saturday
Non prescription orthoticsFrom £60
Prescription Orthoses as per Prescription Needs, From£280
Routine Treatment£48 Mon – Fri
£55 Saturday
Thread veins/naevi£250 Per site; all areas covered
Verruca Treatment£43
Wilde-Pedique: Aesthetic
Nail Treatment, From
£60 One big toe;
£80 For both big toes